IronMQ v3 changelog

Our IronMQ engineers will be updating this page with the latest major and minor changes to the api and behavior


3.1.11 Feb 25, 2015

  - Added more useful logging information
  - Fixed rebalancer bugs

3.1.10 Feb 18, 2015

  - Added peek with reserved to api
  - Added rebalancer
  - Added membership report in http
  - Added permanent quorum member removal
  - Changed new stats infrastructure
  - Changed distinguish various reservation error cases in the result code
  - Fixed performance and correctness enhancements to queue occupancy counts
  - Fixed proxy no longer retries, fails nodes correctly
  - Fixed peek/deq return empty list instead of nil

3.1.9 Jan 19, 2015

  - Added queue distribution map export to http
  - Fixed lock free queue head panic

3.1.8 Jan 12, 2015

  - Added push queue support for cluster
  - Added push queue rate limits
  - Added historical per-project usage counts
  - Fixed sqs support
  - Changed decouple locks from enqeue and dequeue path