IronWorker Samples & Examples

This page lists a bunch of places to find example code that you can copy and modify to suit your needs or just to get a feel for how to make workers.

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Getting Started Language Specific Examples

We’ve setup a new repository of examples in our most popular languages. please choose your language below and follow the readme’s instructions.

## List of other example repositories - [Image processing with PHP]( - An image processing application that shows how to process images in a scalable way using IronWorker. [LIVE DEMO]( - [Newsy]( - An example app that pulls the latest URLs from hacker news, takes a screenshot, and pushes them to a browser. Uses Python for the UI and Node with PhantomJS for the workers. [LIVE DEMO]( - [Using IronWorker in a Ruby on Rails application]( - [Koders]( - A Ruby app using Sinatra and IronWorker to pull top Stackoverflow users then finds the languages they use on Github to get the top languages for the top SO users. ## Contributing To add an example to this list, just fork our [Dev Center repository](, add your example to this page, then submit a pull request.