IronWorker Samples & Examples

This page lists a bunch of places to find example code that you can copy and modify to suit your needs or just to get a feel for how to make workers.

Check out our Post on Top 10 Use Cases for IronWorker Here!

Getting Started Language Specific Examples

We've setup a new repository of examples in our most popular languages. please choose your language below and follow the readme's instructions.

List of other example repositories

  • Image processing with PHP - An image processing application that shows how to process images in a scalable way using IronWorker. LIVE DEMO
  • Newsy - An example app that pulls the latest URLs from hacker news, takes a screenshot, and pushes them to a browser. Uses Python for the UI and Node with PhantomJS for the workers. LIVE DEMO
  • Using IronWorker in a Ruby on Rails application
  • Koders - A Ruby app using Sinatra and IronWorker to pull top Stackoverflow users then finds the languages they use on Github to get the top languages for the top SO users.


To add an example to this list, just fork our Dev Center repository, add your example to this page, then submit a pull request.