IronWorker Integrations

This page contains different kind of integrations for IronWorker. Including IronMQ, IronCache and 3rdparty services. Services

It is very easy to integrate IronMQ or IronCache into your worker. It includes 3 steps.

  1. Get the client library for your language:
  2. Go to Geting Started page to instructions. It works as any other library for your programming language:
    • IronMQ Overview. Use orange button at top right to select the language you prefer.
    • IronCache documentation is on client libraries’ pages. Basics & Ruby gem integration are available here.
  3. Create your worker.
  4. Make sure to include your configuration file in the worker to provide your credentials.
  5. Upload and queue your worker.

Now you can login in the HUD and check worker’s log.

3rdparty Services

IronWorker is available at several 3rdparty services as add-on. It is also possible to use your account instead of adding the add-on. List of engines: